Realists unite

Realists unite

Thursday, February 19, 2015

The taboo of questioning mass imigration to the west

Background to the problem

This is a topic which is taboo in the west. If you even breath the word you are by knee jerk reaction labeled a xenophobe or a racist or basic treated as a semi insane person who in turn is treated as a leaper. I for one respect every person regardless of origin. But this whole sale mass immigration which we have in the west is totally ridiculous. I can understand that there are war zones and areas with repression. But if a person comes as an refugee isn't it logical that you get asylum for the duration of the war or as long as the oppression prevails? Why is it than that people get permanent residence in our countries? Something is wrong with that equation right?.  When you hear immigrants saying that they pay thousands of dollars to refugee smugglers so as to get into the west, something is seriously wrong. I understand that gold diggers and egocentric people exist but when this becomes the norm something is seriously wrong. Media endlessly states that EU border control is too harse and waves their hand to these practices or state that we should feel sorry for these supposed traumatized people. Never can a spade be called a spade. There is always  this endless whitewashing and the whole sale ignoring of these criminal acts by the media and middle classes.

Why is this so?

Than a important question arises why is this mass immigration supported and championed the media and certain elements of the middle class? And why are working class people the only ones reacting to this problem?
You could see some of these middle class people as naive do gooders wanting to help their less fortunate brethren, a honest and good idea though perhaps not so well thought out. But why than is the media championing this you may ask? Here it gets interesting....

With the media you have multiple reasons for their support of mass immigration. Apart from naivete there is a more sinister aspect. The media is sponsored by business and economical powers. But why do they support mass immigration you ask? Well look at it from their perspective. Mass immigration creates competition for low skilled jobs and this means that the western underclasses have to submit to lower pay and ever worsening conditions, which in the long run benefits the business and economic classes.

 Moreover mass immigration puts stress on public housing, forcing forward a private housing sector which benefits the bankers who provide the mortgages. And with  xenophobia rampant in western countries the immigrants have great difficulties obtaining employment which in it's turn puts stress on the welfare systems in the west, which negatively affects the citizens of the western countries themselves. So when you look at this problem from this perspective a new and clearer picture evolves. It's the ruling class which in the long run benefits from all this.

Why is it only the working classes that react to the problem?

Simple answer is that they are the most affected by the negative aspects of mass immigration. They have seen wages go down and benefits which unions worked decades to achieve have been wiped out in a matter of years. They have ample competition for ever fewer low skilled jobs. They have to compete ever harder for ever decreasing public housing with these same immigrants. They have seen their children's schools  becoming negatively affected by lower class migrants, who lack basic understanding or traditions for eduction, making social climbing ever harder benefiting  middle class children with ever less numbers of working class children competing for collage and university positions. So they who are the most affected are also the most vocal.

The problem also is that these working class people lack skills and structures to criticize the situation constructively. In their frustration they resort often to xenophobia, which the media and middle class of course dismisses and manipulates, and reduces or simplifies to be an outcry of mere hate and racism, when in reality the problems are more of a structural nature benefiting these middle class people and the ruling economic classes. This is an important aspect of this that is not addressed in business controlled media. After reading this blog you now know why. It's a pity this isn't more widely known. But understanding the powers behind this it is quite logical that this will remain obscured.

What is the solution?

Well the first and most important thing is to stay a thousand miles away from xenophobia in this question because it is doomed to be fruitless, and you will be ridiculed and dismissed outright. You serve only the corrupt system if you go by this route. The system wants you to fall into the trap because it is so easy to crush. Don't be a victim to this system, stick to facts and evidence of which there is an abundance.

The Only way is to expose the ruling classes agenda is with cold hard facts and showing people that it's NOT a  question of race but purely a question of  manipulation by the ruling classes for their own financial and structural reasons. It's a systematic deception and a cynical manipulation of the lower classes and the more naive part of the middle classes classes using  the migrants themselves. Don't be fooled ever again. Don't be afraid to question this subject. Feel free to share this article.

The Realist

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