Realists unite

Realists unite

Saturday, March 21, 2015

How we are controled and manipulated

How We Are Controled and Manipulated

Have you have had the feeling that we are living in an 1984 world and that we are controled by a complex of different things. Well this is the case and this is how it is done.

Education or indoctoriantion

Education and the indoctorination into the established narative is the base where we are brainwashed into accepting the vulgar reality around us. School books have preselected views and containt that fits into the power possessers agendas. College education cements this even further and critical thinking is not supported and is actually systematically weeded out. So here we are formed and indoctorated. Real education is today esoteric and underground.

Media or the mindcontrol department

The media brainwashes us to accept the power possessers twisted egocentric naratives which we know inutively are fabricated lies. School education sets the foundation and we are brainwashed to accept an prededominated agenda and world view. The media also desensifies us to the vulgar violence and destructive behaviours these same power possessers wield in their psychopathic quests for market and world domination. We are also brainwashed to consume goods of their ever inferior manufacture and take loans to particpate in their controled scheme. Most journalists are mere puppets without any ability to see through the scheme of things. The more critical journalists are systematically weeded out and ostricized.

Sport or the drone creation institute

This is a tragic waste of human talent and potential. With aid of the media we are brainwashed to like this post Roman gladiator game influenced scheme. We are from young age brainwashed to think that this is a good and wholesome activity which strengthens the body and builds teambuilding abilities and similar, What is not told that this creates an artifical competetion mindset that creates drones who work ever harder for their power possessing elites agendas. We get an artifical rivialry mindset which is easy for the elites to manipulate, especially when a need to rally support or engage in the fake dualistic democratic scheme is due. We get relentless competetive business automations who serve their merchant and money lender elite. We also get soldiers for theses very same people to fight their ever endless wars among other things. Young bodies are also broken down years before their time. Good solid talent is funneled into this useless sector that could be used far better elsewhere. Physical activities are good but in this sport paradigm it's destructive and utterly pointless.

Entertainment industry or the manipulation sleeping pill

This is an antidote and a release to the endless manipulation that we all are facing on an constant basis. The drone needs fun and games to relax and not breakdown and waste their usefulness. Music and movie industries role is to create superficial entertainment which in easy to digest and keeps you from criticizing the reality around you. You have mass mindcontrol even in the entertainment itself and agendas are cemented to suit and benefit the power possessing elites. Just like sports this has a strong distraction potential. Let them have fun and make sure they don't think or have time to think and analize the status quo. The young are encouraged to participate in musical subcultures as a way to compartalize them into a certain mindset and lifestyle choices which the merchants can manipulate and in the process have a controlable predictable mass that poses no threat to the status quo. Even the more progressvie and critical elements are stuck in the dualistic paradigm which the power possessers control in full. The entertainment industries prefered lifestyle with various vices also assists to control these same people and together with the media they make vices normal and celebrated.

The Brave new world is a reality and in a way Huxley was a creator of this mindset the powerpossessers have taken to themselves as an good tool for masscontrol. You must yourself identify this in your own life and take steps to break free of it's clutches. We are brainwashed into this paradigm but we can escape it and regain control of our lives. This is paramount to every really free, thinking person. This insanity is not our fate and we must resist it and regain our lives.

The Realist

Sunday, March 1, 2015

The Merchant class based Elite - a dead end and a detriment to our planet

Well we all have seen the exploits of our merchant based elite in the past 2oo years. We have now turned the whole world into a merchants wet dream. World wide markets to exploit and to enrich oneself on.  We have had oil barons, industrialists and financiers that have carved up and chewed up our world. We have a population which lives in a world that makes Huxley's or Orwell's visions sober in comparison. But the question most activists and critics of this current merchant based elite and it's Corporocracy forget is that these people are not really elite material in the words true sense.

The merchant buys and sells goods

 They do what merchants do best and have succeeded in a way no 15th century bourgeois merchant ever could in their wildest dream think to achieve. But the catch is that this wholesale mega mercantila world comes at a enormous price  of which we today see everywhere in the form of environmental detriment and mass populations that are ever harder to sustain. We in the west live on a level of material standards that once was only the possibility of the most rich of yesteryear, the so called warrior elites of the now defunct royal era. Now an everyday man has a level of living a yesteryear royal would envy.  This is a good thing if it was sustainable and wisely managed, but this isn't the case.

A vision of a true elite

An elite is one that in my humble opinion has a vision and an ability to sustain and manage a people and a world and to create balance and harmony. Confucius talked about virtues of a true leader or elite. An elite must have spiritual and moral maturity and deep psychological insight into the psyche of man and the workings of the world. An elite is the highest pinnacle of humanity. Elites have power but also extreme responsibility and accountability.  People such as Christ, Buddha, Lao Tse, Pythagoras and similar have these attributes and are still  guiding lights, despite the wholesale ridiculing of spirituality and esotericism and or higher forms of religion. The merchant class is merely qualified to criticize exoteric levels of religion and spirituality but they know little or nothing of higher levels, and just make themselves the laughing stock of those who know better. Esotericists such as G.I Gurdjieff speak of eras where a higher form of elites reigned  the so called priest kings, but these lower level warrior and merchant class upstarts destroyed their work, with only certain doctrines left that remain obscured or  exist within esoteric communities.

The pseudo elite of the merchant classes

I for one see no real elites anywhere today. We have seen this remarkably pathetic merchant based elite destroy our world and our humanity. They have exploited our resources and reduced humanity into consumer drones who buy their ever inferior goods. Spirituality has been squashed and religion reduced to it's low level exoteric teachings which for generations have been ridiculed and biasedly debased so that today's people see religion and spirituality as infantile fairy stories for those of feeble mind. The aspirations of this so called elite today is to dominate the world for their own egocentric purposes. I for one find their new world orders and other ideas as pathetic and pointless at best. These visions bring nothing to the advancement of humanity or anything beyond simplistic egocentric wet dreams of the deluded. Critics spend time and energy exposing these low level criminals for what they are but never even put fourth the question if these people are even are worthy of been called an elite?.I have seen more elite material in simple people who surpass this pseudo elite both spiritually and practically and have a more balanced vision for the planet. But in today's world of dialectic conflicts on mundane everyday levels these important levels are neglected and ideas such as these are not even contemplated. Sad beyond belief is all I am saying.

One should round up this pseudo elite of today and put them on an isolated island onto which we can dump all the gold and other pointless trinket's and let them play their games until they fade away from this world.

The Realist